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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three-Year-Old Killed 'Accidentally' by Gunshot in Independence MO

Around 4 pm Saturday afternoon- Independence emergency services were called to the 11500 block of East 20th Street on a reported shooting.

Once there- Independence Police found that a 3-year-old male had "accidentally" been shot by his father.

The child was rushed to a local children's hospital where he has died of his wound.

The IPD is investigating- no word if the father was charged with anything or taken into custody for questioning.


Anonymous said...

what happened was this: 911 was called at 3:30, and the husband didn't shoot Josh... However, he shot himself with an unattended firearm, in the chest, and was pronounced dead when police arrived. There was no trip to Children's Mercy (I don't think there are any other children's hospitals in the area).

I think the father might end up doing some time for leaving the gun unattended with two toddlers in the house, but I can say with confidence that this was purely accidental; I've known these people for fifteen years, and they would NEVER hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

NEVER hurt anyone you say?

A child is dead that isn't hurting someone?

Sorry in my book someone so stupid to leave a firearm where a 3 year old can get ahold of and shoot themself with it isn't someone who I would want living next door to me.