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Monday, July 04, 2016

CSW BREAKING: Motorcyclist Hit During KC-MO Police Chase

Police were chasing an alleged "stolen...silver Chrysler" in regard "to a kidnapping" in which there are yet no details in South KC-MO..

The chase began around 11:22 am on Blue River Road north and eastbound- then the suspect went south on U.S. 71/I-49..

At 11:26 am- officers report the suspect vehicle "hit a motorcycle on the Red Bridge ramp (from southbound) I-49" and requested "EMS" for the cyclist.

The cyclist's injuries- and the victim's reported to be a male- are reported serious.

PD had reported suspect vehicle's speed as "85-90" MPH when the cyclist was struck.

At 11:46 am- KC-MO FD-EMS "Medic-42" was enroute to the nearest medical trauma center with the cyclist.

42's report "the male (cyclist) was sideswiped by a vehicle going 90-95 MPH- the (patient) was going about 55 (MPH) and was thrown about 50 feet" from his bike when he was struck.

The man was knocked unconscious- but reportedly had regained consciousness enroute to the hospital.

His condition was serious to critical.

It sounds as if the silver suspect vehicle was stopped near the crash scene and a female occupant- the driver- was taken into custody.

There is still no info on the reported "kidnapping" that precipitated the police chase.

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