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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Kansas City Mo Police Action for Labor Day 2016 Weekend Sampler I

As Labor Day Saturday night melts into LD Sunday morning- it's busy on the Big City streets...

Latest first- a KC-MO police officer was involved in a crash at 12:36 am..

It happened just east of The Plaza- at the intersection of "Cleaver II" Boulevard "and Main" Street.  

Fire and EMS responded- but injuries are reported to be very minor.

Around midnight- officers in the area of Meyer Boulevard and Askew reported shots fired- bringing an "assist-the-officer" call citywide.  

A black male" suspect "in a gray hat" ran south on Askew before being confronted and arrested by police just north of 67th Street.

EMS was requested for a dog bite victim in that block- but no word on severity or circumstances.

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