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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tornado Hits Streator Illinois

Around 9 p.m.- a tornado struck the south side of  Streator IL- a city of about 14000 residents located about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.

Mike Boik, Author.   CSW VidCap & Marker

First reports were of homes demolished with people trapped and of course trees and power lines down- particularily "in the 600 block of Powell and...South Illnois-" according to first news media reports from The OTTAWA (IL) TIMES who has a bureau office in Streator.

Tornado warnings were in effect at the time the twister struck- at 9:11 p.m said NWS reports but "before 9 p.m." said The OTTAWA TIMES.

Although dozens of homes were damaged and/or destroyed- there were no fatalities- not even any life-threatening injuries said amazed emergency workers.

Since the tornado struck at dusk Saturday night- there are only a few  good photos or videos (the latter nothing but tornado siren vid with bland clouds from nearby Peru IL) of the tornado as displayed here.

Tornado warnings in the dark remained for large areas of the Great Lakes into the night and early Sunday morning.

Tornadoes also brought destruction in other areas around Illinois- Indiana- Michigan- and especially in Ohio- where fatalities were mounting southeast of Toledo.

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