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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some Metro Kansas City Rainfall Totals for May 2010

hese reports are courtesy of the Overland Park 'Stormwatch' site- click on the image for full size.

I think you can disregard the first reading- "Route (or M-) 45 at (Northwest) Prairie View Rain" at "47.40 inches."

It rained heavy at times up there last month (flash flooding on Rush Creek-see CSW)- but surely no 47-inches.

Also note that a number of rain gage locations have been added to the site- mainly in the Kansas City Northland.

Most of the rainfall locations are self-explanatory- such as "Johnson Dr @ Turkey Creek Rain" is the rainfall measured at Johnson Drive at Turkey Creek- west of I-35- in the month of May.

If you are unsure of a gage's location- you can match it's left-side number at the OP Stormwatch site HERE.

Today's thunderstorm produced around 1/2-inch in west thru south Olathe- with more showers and storms off and on expected in Metro Kansas City over the next 36 hours or so.

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