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Monday, June 07, 2010

80-Year-old Kansas City 'Robin Hood' Bank Robber Gets Probation

ighty-year-old Augusta Cannon served his country in the Air Force.

Mr. Cannon also worked for years- until his retirement- as a railroad engineer.

He had no prior crimes police say- until he pulled an attempted- then another successful bank robbery before Christmas last year.

The robbery of the UMB Bank at 103rd Street and State Line- using a "pellet gun-" netted Augusta Cannon a mere $8755. 

He had previously tried to rob the US Bank at 87th Street and Blue Ridge before he drove to UMB.

Cannon's bank robbery video got him IDed by some people from Cannon's church.

The results of the trial? Well- it seems Mr. Cannon will just get probation- and be relatively free to live out whatever time he has left of this Earth.

The $8755?  Mr. Cannon's reason for robbing a bank in the first place was to give the money "to needy children-" and that's apparently where most of the bank's money went.

UMB?  They'll just manipulate some people's credits and debits- tack on or jack up a few service charges here and there- and they too will be fine....

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