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Monday, June 07, 2010

CSW Weather: Severe Storm Risk Today and Tomorrow- Includes Metro Kansas City

e here in the immediate Kansas City Metro managed to avoid all the weekend severe weather that brought destruction- injury and death to those from the eastern Central States into the Great Lakes region.

As one of the first media outlets in America to report it- tornadoes struck in darkness late Saturday and early Sunday from Illinois to Ohio and Michigan- killing at least 7 and injuring dozens of people.

The active storm pattern continues- and although the stricken areas will get a break from severe weather today- areas of our Central States- including Metro and north MetroRegion Kansas City- could see an outbreak of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes later today through Tuesday.

The K.C. area will probably get part of an overnight thunderstorm complex that's forecast to develop over Nebraska and Kansas then move east to southeast over us during the Tuesday early morning time-frame.

Another severe risk on Tuesday will also include Metro Kansas City- and points east that suffered the severe storms this past weekend.

All in all- CSW will keep you informed of any severe weather watches later today as they're issued...

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