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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kansas City MO Politicians Apparently Have Broken The Law Regarding Tax Increment Financing (TIF- i.e.- Corporate Welfare)

ccording to a story in today's KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL- it appears Kansas City MO is in violation of the law.

In the KCBJ's story regarding the KC-MO TIF Commission hiring an independent auditor- it appears that "five-year statutory reviews of each TIF plan are required by law."

However in that story- a person the KCBJ identified as a Jackson County TIF Commission board member- Calvin Williford- said "he had never seen..." such a required review- and this man sits ON the TIF board!

So I called City Hall within the hour- attempting to see for myself if I could look at such a "5-year statutory review."

After finally getting steered to the correct agency- the Community Development Corporation (CDC)- a Jessica Middleton told CSW that I would "have to file a Sunshine request-" which is basically a Freedom of Information form in order to view those documents- if they exist at all.

I'll leave that up to the PAID NEWS MEDIA in this city- to find out about "the mess" that the KCBJ story says about Kansas City MO's TIF accounting procedures.

Maybe the KANSAS CITY STAR would do it's readers/fellow taxpayers n actual service by attempting to see if these "5-year statutory reviews" of this city's many corporate welfare (TIF) handouts really do exist.

If not- maybe The STAR can find out why those who were responsible for those reviews that are required by law did not provide them- and why those individuals have not been talked to by law enforcement officials for breaking this law.

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