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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Dozens" of People Could Have Died in Arkansas Campground Flash Floods

ccording to FOX-16 in Little Rock- there are now a confirmed "16 dead" and "dozens" of people missing after torrential rain in the lush but mountainous country of southwestern Arkansas sent a wall of water down two rivers and into a campground.

This story was reported earlier today here at CSW and other media outlets- and it's just now becoming apparent this is a significant national news story.

At least 7-inches of rain fell during the early morning hours today- sending one river nearly 2 dozen feet above it's banks- washing into and away the Albert Pike Campground where many of the deaths and missing are reported.

There'll be continuous updates to this story here throughout today and Saturday- along with other stories of flooding rains falling throughout the Central States into this weekend.


UPDATE- 11JUN10-1602CDT- The Associated Press now reports "20 dead" in the flash flood.


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