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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Status of Missing Infant Lisa Irwin

If I thought for one second that constant coverage of the disappearance of 10-month old Lisa Irwin would miraculously produce the child- Capt. Spaulding's World would assault you- like TV news- with lead-off sidebar/non-stories on this subject on every page of this blog.

However we live in the Real World- so Ms. Rittenhouse and I instead say daily prayers for the return of this dear child and avoid publicizing the seeming daily new ring added to the increasing circus of this sad case.

So rather than the constant assault- I'll post the occasional update:

UPDATE: Baby Lisa Irwin has NOT been located- and there has NOT as of this post been any arrests in this case.

CSW urges whoever is guilty of taking the child to come forward- or at least leave the child at a safe place.

CSW will immediately post on this case if little Lisa Irwin is located or if any arrests are actually made.

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