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Thursday, December 15, 2016

BREAKING: Large Home in Exclusive Loch Lloyd Burns

Around 1:30 am Thursday morning- Belton MO fire crews were called to a reported house fire in Loch Lloyd at 1625 Eden Bridge.

Loch Lloyd is a private lake community in extreme NW Cass county- west of Belton.

The BFD needed help- and at 1:44 am- 3 pumpers- a truck and a battalion chief from Kansas City responded- most of those crews arriving by 2 am.

Smoke from this fire reported visible from nearly 1/2-mile away by responding KC companies.

Narrow streets and the supply of water were issues.

Fire crews from both cities made an interior attack through 2:15 am- but there was talk of pulling inside crews out.

There are no reports of injuries- or anything else on this fire as of this report.

The home was heavily damaged- but no further info was publicly available..

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