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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BREAKING: Crash With Critical Injuries in North-central Olathe KS

The incident was reported at 4:30 pm- an injury crash at the intersection of Woodland and Northgate.

A few minutes later- an Olathe PD unit on scene reports at least "3" critical injuries.

Numerous fire and EMS units are on-scene as well as of this post.

Only medical transport heard was "the 30-year-old female driver of a car who struck another car making a left turn in front of her...."

The woman's condition was non life-threatening.

EMS also reports 2 children- ages "6 and 9-"  were also involved in this crash but had only minor injuries.

In fact- none of the injured injuries sounded to be life-threatening (probably just a lot of blood) as the various patients were transported by MED-ACT.

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