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Monday, December 19, 2016

BREAKING: Injuries Reported at Liberty MO Apartment Building Fire

Fire broke out in one of the buildings of the Wilshire Apartments complex just before 10 pm Monday night and at least 3 people have been injured- one seriously.

The fire was at the 111 Brentwood Drive building and Liberty Fire requested 2 KCFD-EMS units to that scene "for 3 injuries" by 10:10 pm..

Medic-14 transported a serious to critically-injured "approximately 30-40-year-old female" to Liberty Hospital.

That victim had suffered smoke inhalation. 

Medic-34 transported "a 56-year-old male" to that facility as well.  No medical report was heard- but the transport was non-emergency.

At 10:45 pm- a woman in her 80's was also being transported in good condition to LH with "minor" smoke inhalation.

As of 10:47 pm- and with the help of at least 5 KCFD companies now on-scene- the fire is believed to be under control.

At 10:55 pm- the LFD chief requests "the Red Cross for up to 24" persons made temporarily homeless by the fire..


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