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Monday, October 03, 2011

Raytown MO Vacant House Heavily-Damaged By Fire

Two Raytown engine (pumper) companies were assisted by 4 KC-MO fire companies in battling a house fire Monday morning.

The fire- first dispatched by Raytown FD at 6:36 a.m.- was on "60th Terrace east of Woodson-" or in the 11700 block of East 60th Terrace.

When a Raytown police officer arrived on the scene at 6:37 a.m.- she reported smoke and flames coming from the back of what was later to be determined to be a "vacant" house there.

Reportedly- an active power line was down and the back deck of the house was on fire.

KC-MO fire companies were first dispatched at 6:42 a.m.- and by the time they arrived the fire had spread into "the attic" of the structure.

After alternating interior and exterior attacks- the fire was brought under control by 7:20 a.m..

No firefighter injuries were heard- the is yet no official cause or dollar damage amount attributed by Raytown fire officials.

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