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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Central States News: Sedgwick County KS Commissioners Approve Taxpayer-Provided Subsidy To Airline

Virtually every Kansas Jayhawk game I listened to this season on 'Lazer 105.9' had a commercial for Wichita's Mid-Continent airport.

Kind of odd I thought- like all the hospital commercials I see on TV.

Not to be outdone giving away taxpayer dollars with municipal layoffs and the like- The WICHITA EAGLE on-line reports that the Sedgwick County Commissioners- the county where Wichita is located- recently approved taxpayer-money in the form of a "$333,750" subsidy to Frontier Airlines to keep Frontier flying 2 daily flights to Denver "through June 30.

This reminds me of a mother who used to tie a meaty bone around one of her children's neck so the family dog would play with him.

No bone- no play....

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Anonymous said...

Wonder which Commissioner or Commissioners wanted the airline still flying for their own personal reasons?