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Friday, April 01, 2011

Longtime Subscriber Says Goodbye to K.C. STAR

Yesterday morning- our KANSAS CITY STAR came to us with half of the front page missing.

We didn't call (again) to complain because it really didn't matter- I read the paper online and since Dad got home from the hospital- he hasn't wanted to read The STAR at all.

Being subscribers as we have been for more than 50 years has become way too tedious:

Papers missed- thrown where it's hard to access them (under our vehicles- in a snow-covered yard- etc)- getting nickle and dimed for STAR features that once came with the ever-increasing price of the subscription and advertisement often partially-covering or plastered all over the newspaper's front page.

Stories from 2-3 days earlier that were already old news and the newspaper's editorial content had taken on much of the tone one might expect from a whiney- petulant child.

So yesterday- we decided not to renew The STAR when our present subscription runs out.

Nobody wants to pay more for less- so in that regard and the problems stated above- The STAR will not be missed.

1 comment:

Superdave said...

I fired the Star many years ago for the same reasons.