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Monday, March 28, 2011

Owning a Profitable Corporation- Why Does David Glass Need Taxpayer Welfare?

The KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL recently published a story about the worth and profits of the Kansas City Royals (pro?) baseball team.

Glass' team makes him money- more so this year since the team let some high-priced talent go.

Glass also benefits from the $2-million that the KC-MO City Clowncil recently gave the county for "stadium upkeep-" although taxpayers are footing the nearly half-BILLION dollar bill for recently-completed renovations to Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums.

Please vote to KEEP the KC-MO Earnings Tax April 5- in order for the city to keep providing welfare to million/billionaires (sports team owners- corporations- builders- developers- etc.) while YOU scrap to afford your utilities and nutritious dinner of peanut butter and crackers- etc..

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Anonymous said...

Do we know what the sales tax totals are per year paid from the two ball parks? I mean total taxes from all sales.

When was the last audit ever made public showing what really comes in verses what is going out.

You hear all the time about how good these parks are for the city but you never hear in what way how they are good. At the prices they charge should be a good chunk of change going somewhere.

Also the city fathers should make a new ruling. You want to do business in our city and want to use tax payer money to do so. Then you best be living in a house in the city 300 days out of the year and have all you cars, toys and what not on the tax rolls. Your corporate office as well will be located in the city limits. If those terms are too steep for them then you say we taxpayers are sorry but we like keeping our money here for the people who really live here.