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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CSW Wonders How Much Corporate Welfare Accompanies "Big Announcement" Today in KC-KS

According to media sources- Kansas Republicrat Governor Brownback has scheduled a "big announcement" at noon in KC-KS's Wyandotte High school.

This "announcement" reportedly involved a large California company whose "services are used worldwide."

I'm already wondering how much in "incentives" i.e. taxpayer monies/corporate welfare was used to lure the company to this area.

After all- corporations don't build anywhere anymore without welfare..

UPDATE: GOOGLE has announced that Kansas City KANSAS will be the city that will inaugerate GOOGLE's ultra high-speed Internet service.

Don't appear to be any taxpayer monetary exchange- so THAT'S a damn good thing.

The only setback here is that it's too bad GOOGLE didn't come to KC-MO- and I could have ditched Time-Warner-LooneyTune's broadband....

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