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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Potpourri

It's a cloudy and cool late March morning as some Kansas Jayhawk fans rise fitfully to face a Blue Monday.

It's like anything in life though- you REALLY have to want it to get it....

The 3 homicides locally this weekend didn't occur on my watch.

Still- the 2 murders in KC-MO and the one killing in KC-KS is too much- maybe this will start a little political lip-service but even that's doubtful.

If it don't affect people- they really don't care all that much.

Got a Tweet over the weekend from our favorite council candidate Tracy Ward- lamenting why people aren't upset over America's involvement in Libya's "civil war." 

I replied that people won't get upset until today- tonight specifically- when President Obama addresses the nation on the matter.

Why- people will miss some or all of their Monday night TV fare is what's upsetting.

Americans don't care enough to vote mostly- so a little air-action against a dictator is far from most folk's radar screens.

See above: If it don't affect people- they really don't care all that much.

Libya's uprising has caused fuel prices to rise- THAT'S what's more upsetting to Americans when their wallet is raided.

Japan continues to suffer the aftershocks and math of their historic earthquake and tsunami.

That Japanese corporation TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power COmpany) is a poster child for anything that can go wrong for a corporation and the citizens that rely upon it will go wrong.

TEPCO has mismanaged the damaged nuclear power plant issue from Day 1- their officials REALLY ought to consider Hari-Kiri as the only honorable issue left.

In America- corporate giant Walmart faces off on a possibly expensive sex discrimination lawsuit poised to go before America's Supreme Court.

I think the Supremes will favor Walmart- since as with election contributions the court favors Corporate America.

But- like I've said here before- If it don't affect people- they really don't care all that much.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The only thing I have noticed about the Libya strikes is that a lot of people seem to be focused to the thought that we are the ones who started it all. Now trust me I am not backing Obama but there is more to this. I have seen talk of impeachment, of him lying to the public about not taking military actions. Well if any President wanna be says that I right then cross them off my list for saying something stupid and for which they can’t back up.

So is this an American only motivated attack? Not how I really see it. The war or strikes was authorized by the United Nations as an intervention to save lives. Rather this works or not is another thing. But that is the reason or excuse if you want to look at it that way that they are using.

But my question is if American's wants to stay out of the world’s issues then does that mean is all cases? Do we close the embassies and military bases down and bring all our people home and see what happens? Do we force the United Nations to move and us withdrawal from it? Do we force NATO to disband or remove ourselves from it? When the oil stops coming in and the imports of food stop coming in are we really wanting and ready for that? Will we still maintain an open border policy for refuges and poor people?

It’s not always as cut and dry as it may seem. It is time for Americans to jerk their heads out of their ### and start rebuilding this nation and getting the politicians who need to be in office in there as I have said before and stop whining about how bad they hate things. But as it has been said here today as well “If it don't affect people- they really don't care all that much.”

I for one say it's a bad idea to try and stick our heads in the sand and ignore the rest of the world.

But then what do I know.

Hell I can't even find a job.

Groucho K. Marx said...

You make points for a very lively discussion on this or related issues Superdave.

My argument was that people (ppl) tend not to give a real shit if it's not affecting their everyday life.

And I've BARELY got a job... ;)