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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BREAKING: House Fire in Near East Side Kansas City MO

Seven Kansas City MO fire companies battled a fire in a large house early Wednesday morning.

The  call was dispatched at 1:44 am to "9th Street and Fuller" in the Sheffield area of the East Side.

Pumper 24- responding from a nearby outbuilding fire that had just been extinguished- arrived at 1:47 am to report "fire showing from a 2-story vacant house."

A "working fire response" was dispatched- sending more crews to the scene.

Fire crews took "a defensive (outside)" stance on the firefight.

As of 2:04 am- Battalion chief 104 (BC-104) reported 3 handlines and a master stream being used on the fire- with "a partial collapse of the roof."

A collapse zone for the safety of firefighters had been established at least 7 minutes prior.

As of 2:20 am- the firefight continues in mid-20 degree temperatures with a light east wind.

At 2:22 am- an arson investigator as well as "dangerous buildings" inspector from the city was requested by BC-104 to the scene.

More than a hour after the initial alarm for this fire was dispatched- it has not yet been declared under control.

No injuries have been reported as of 2:53 am..

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