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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Raymore MO Family Man Gets Criminally Railroaded by Walmart- Police

Just in case you thought films like 'Friday The 13th' were horror stories- then you haven't read a REAL-LIFE horror story like what has happened to Raymore MO citizen Glenn Stevens- according to The KANSAS CITY STAR.

SuperCorporation Walmart- apparently supported by various police departments using suspect and even possibly bogus evidence- accused Mr. Stevens of thefts from Walmart stores from Kansas to Illinois.

Trouble is- Glenn Stevens has PROOF he wasn't the thief- and The STAR's story- well-written by Donald Bradley- is proof once again that in Bizzaro 21st Century America- American citizens are forced into near (or real) bankruptcy to prove their innocence against clearly bogus charges.

After reading the story- Ms. Rittenhouse and I am not stepping foot in another Walmart- Sam's Club- et al- until Walmart not only clears Glenn Stevens' name- but pays him and his family back with GENEROUS interest for their obvious screw-up!

Other CSW posts on The Glenn Stevens Injustice can be found HERE- HERE- HEREHERE- HERE and HERE as well as the Stevens' family blog on this injustice- GLENN STEVENS IS INNOCENT!


the observer said...


What I don't understand is the total lack of interest by the State in the evidence that proves he was elsewhere. Not only does he have a receipt for the ATM but he may be able to recover video that shows it was him using the card! Why would the prosecution want to be made such fools in the court room?

Costs us taxpayers too, as well as the innocent defendant, for a bogus case to make it all the way to a trial.

Good post!


Groucho K. Marx said...

I hope the Stevens family SUES THE HECK out of Walmart and EVERY police jurisdiction that a) filed charges and b) had Mr. Stevens arrested.

Ms. Rittenhouse and myself WILL NOT be shopping at Sam's Club OR Walmart until this is- if ever- resolved.

I've also noted the places where the law has bought-in to this bogus crap- and we'll avoid those places with ANY of our dollars as well.

Back to work here-

birdie said...

I refuse to shop at Walmart, and this solidifies it further. The security people at Walmart are horrific. This poor dear couple, this makes me very mad. A few years ago, at Christmas, I went to Walmart , at one of their all night shopping stores. It was after midnight and I spotted a 7 yr old carting a new born infant around in her arms. There were no responsible adults in site, in that same row or on either row over from that row. When I asked the child who she was with , she said a friend. I asked where the friend was and she said they were shopping. This child was caring for a newborn!! She was in charge of the baby. No stroller , just her carrying this infant around. I really was upset , and took the baby from her arms , and asked another shopper to please go get security. As it turned out the infant was a foster child, as well as the 7 yr old, and a male friend of the foster mother's( looked like a slob, big bare belly hanging out of shirt, over pants, ass crack and all, nasty and looked like a complete loser), was babysitting. Needless to say , Walmart security called the police but treated me and tried to make me to look like the bad person. The adult in charge at that time of looking after the kids, did not show up in the aisle way , for at least 10 mins, and that was after security appeared. Security personnel, at Walmart , were horrific, of their treatment of me. They weren't concerned about the welfare of the children at all. When the police arrived, I was vindicated , and The Ministry for Family and Children were called. I spoke with a social worker, who guaranteed to me they would be following up , and would arrive at the store shortly , to apprehend the children,until such time as they spoke with the foster mother. I can only hope that woman lost her credibility as a foster mother. Ater midnight , a 6 -7 yr old and a newborn, you know my blood pressure shot up on that one.

BTW , I left my shopping cart, at customer service, and said , forget it , I am, not buying a dam from this corporation.

Good post Bo, I hope these people get their justice, and sue the ass off of Walmart, the cops, and prosecutors, willing to try this case.


Groucho K. Marx said...

Good post yerself Birdie!

Between us and you boycotting WalChinamart- we'll break their lousy arses! HaHaHa!!!

How the heck ya BEEN? Get any of that 'Seattle snowfall' there in V-Town?

Give 'Lil' BIG Man' a couple of high/low 5's for me and the lovely Summer a hug.

A VERY Merry (non-WalChinamart) Christmas to all of you!

-JBo Groucho