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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Glenn Stevens- Raymore MO Man Wrongly Accused by Walmart and Versailles MO Police- Has A Blog

EVERY news media organization in America- certainly every news media outlet in Metro Kansas City- should be reporting the story of Raymore resident Glenn Stevens.

To my knowledge- ONLY KCTV-5- WDAF-4 and The KANSAS CITY STAR have bothered to report the injustice that is being perpetrated upon Mr. Stevens by MegaCorporation Walmart and Versailles and Morgan County MO law enforcement officials.

At any rate- Mr. Stevens' family has started a blog to keep us HIGHLY CONCERNED CITIZENS abreast of this bizarre case of an innocent man being railroaded by either stupid or VERY highly-misguided people.

Click HERE for the blog "Glenn Stevens Is Innocent" and please-

JOIN OUR COMPLETE BOYCOTT OF WALMART and VERSAILLES- MORGAN COUNTY MO until Mr. Stevens and his family receive apologies and re-compensation for their monetary losses and peace of mind!


Tom Stevens said...

Glenn Stevens will be on KMBZ radio tonight between 5 and 6 o'clock.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Dang Tom- that radio interview was right in the middle of my nap before I do the news-thing at midnight!

I'll try and see if 'BZ has any audio archives of the show.

Please tell Mr. Glenn that we pray for him and his wife every day that this will end to THEIR satisfaction- and thank you...


Tom Stevens said...

I recorded the whole thing but I guess my internet connection was dropping every so often so my recording has some skips in it. I'll email KMBZ and see if they can provide a better recording. I'm going to get it up on the glennstevensisinnocent blog as soon as I get the commercials clipped.

Tom Stevens said...

BTW, I hear that they will also be on Darla Jaye's show for two hours on Tue and there might be a follow-up segment on KCTV5 tonight.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Hi Tom-

I'll check on your blog which I have linked on "Blogs I follow" for that recording.

I'll also be checking the KCTV News at 10 to see if they do that piece.

Really appreciate your keeping us informed here.

Sometimes the only way to fight injustices done to ordinary citizens is by fellow citizens' actions.