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Friday, December 03, 2010

Traffic-Meter Signal Needed at Westbound I-435 Ramp From U.S. 69 and Quivira

On occasion- we go visit my brother "Zeppo" and his family who live in Olathe during a weekday and- in what will be decreasing occasions- it's around the evening "drive (park)-time."

Visits at those times will be decreasing- because westbound I-435 west of U.S. 69 becomes a gas-guzzling parking lot.

We notice all the traffic-metering signals on the I-435 ramps going EASTBOUND- but apparently KDoT ignores the westbound mess.

Look at this image taken from an Overland Park Traffic Dept. camera looking south on Quivira at I-435 and notice all the vehicles lined up to turn onto the westbound I-435 ramp from Quivira.

Also note- this image was screen-capped just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon- several hours before the evening commute!

We've noted the several times we're trapped in the westbound mess- that letting drivers in who have exited off of U.S. 69 OR Quivira is often a mistake- for those drivers take advantage of our consideration letting them in line- just to hold up the line trying to merge into the farther left 2 lanes.

In fact- this is much of the reason the far right lane of westbound I-435 past U.S. 69 comes to a standstill and barely moves- people merging in- then waiting to merge further left.

Hey KDoT- how about some of those traffic-metered signals on the WESTBOUND side of I-435 out there.

In addition- eastbound I-435 traffic merging into the southbound I-35 ramp at the big fly-over don't seem to know what YIELD signs mean- creating an even bigger mess.

We'll just restrict our visits until evening AFTER 6:30 p.m.- or on weekends I guess until traffic engineers get a clue.

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