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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"Strong Proposals" for Downtown KC-MO Convention Hotel To Be "Kept Secret" from Taxpayers

Even though nearly a million of KC-MO taxpayer's dollars have ALREADY been spent on a HIGHLY questionable downtown KC-MO convention hotel project without so much as a shovelful of dirt turned or a single nail driven- yesterday's City "Clowncil" decision on the matter SHOULD drive KC-MO citizens into an at-least mild rage.

According to an article written by the KANSAS CITY STAR's Kevin Collison- the City Hall city "clowncil" sub-committee formed to bring this latest city 'white elephant' to life "plans to keep its deliberations secret until it makes a final recommendation to the Kansas City Council, probably in March" says The STAR's story.

You can link to past CSW posts on this crazy downtown convention hotel scheme HERE.

As much as The STAR and some citizens don't like our current mayor Mark Funkhouser- the man is AGAINST this and all projects that involve heavy taxpayer-subsidies (corporate welfare)- since KC-MO taxpayers ALREADY help several downtown hotels pay their bills to the tune of millions of dollars annually.

Also- if you think Bill George is in this because he's a stand-up and civic-minded Kansas Citian- don't buy that "pay-no-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-curtain" BS for one milli-second.

George- and the politicians (Clowncilmembers) he subsidizes stand to profit in many ways if this white-elephant hotel is built while us KC-MO taxpayers stand to lose more than we already have.

Voters: Ed Ford and Cindy Circo are two "clowncil" members behind this corporate-welfare project.

Circo's not seeking re-election- but her husband is thinking of running in her place.

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