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Thursday, December 02, 2010

KC-MO Police Rule Westport Death of Man- Brian Euston- Is A Homicide

Your "news captain-" who works for the news department of a Kansas City television station (KSHB) monitoring weekend overnight news happenings- was on-duty the morning of October 10 when I heard the first report of a man who had suffered a head injury in Westport.

The report of that incident went to the station in my early-morning updates- and the story I compiled for this blog can be found HERE.

It's reported over the next few days that Mr. Euston had been out drinking with friends- and they had parted ways not long before Brian was found lying on the sidewalk with his mortal injuries by Westport security officers.

Speculation went from Mr. Euston simply falling and suffering his soon-fatal skull fracture- to being knocked down by someone.

Incredibly- it was reported even later that week that someone of questionable humanity had actually taken cellphone pictures/video of Mr. Euston laying prone and unconscious on the sidewalk- possibly even of the low-life(s) who knocked Brian down- and posted them on the Internet.

As the police began seriously investigating this incident- those images were removed from the place(s) they were posted.

Now- the police are calling Brian Euston's death "a homicide-" and detectives are seeking the "person or persons" who took the photos/videos.

I have been made aware too that some blogger has made Euston's death "a race issue."

The coward or cowards who took the images of Brian Euston need to step up and fess up.

The blogger making this- the death of A HUMAN BEING a race issue- needs to shut up.  

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