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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Metro Kansas City Neighborhood Christmas Displays No. 1 - The Babick House in Prairie Village

CSW is beginning a series of Metro Kansas City free Christmas light display locations that I hope to re-post every year for your enjoyment.

If you know of any neighborhood or extravagantly-done private home holiday light displays that I haven't posted- please let me know at !

The first posting will be one of the longest-running Christmas-themed displays at the Mike Babick's family home at 7611 Falmouth in Prairie Village KS..

I first viewed this classic in the late 1970's- the Babicks' have been putting up this display for about 40 years.

The lights are on from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day- dusk until around 11 p.m..

This Web page- by Keith Stokes (who the image is courtesy of)- tells the story of the Babick house display and the story behind it- as well as additional directions to the location of the display.


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