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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harrisonville- Metro Kansas City Residents Tell Fred Phelps to GET LOST

Don't confuse Fred Phelps and his hateful congregation's 'Freedom of Speech' with any known decorum of decency and respect.

You could make a good debate point too that Phelps' "Westboro Baptist Church" could well be known as the "Phelps Church of Satan."

Regardless- several thousand Harrisonville and Metro Kansas City residents made SURE Phelp's little band of morons didn't disrupt the funeral of a young Freeman MO resident and U.S. Army corporal Jacob R. Carver who died November 13 in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.

Like a recent and similar situation in Weston MO- literally thousands of area people lined the funeral route- keeping Phelps and his inbred clan away from Cpl. Jacobs' family and friends- according to this story written by The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR's Donald Bradley.

THIS was/IS the way to counter the Fred Phelps version of 'Freedom of Speech' with OUR OWN legal and non-violent/criminal version.

A BIG Capt. Spaulding salute and bless each and every one of you who shut-out and up the "Westboro Baptist Church" brand of hate in Harrisonville yesterday!



the observer said...

This was just completely awesome! I loved every account and every picture/video.

I had heard rumors that they were thinking about trying to disrupt the John Glaser funeral. I suspect that they declined due to the physical layout of private property around the UM Church of the Resurrection. I know that we would not have stood for it, nor would have the firefighters, medics and cops in attendance.

Phelps will be held accountable for the HATE he spreads in the "name of Christ."


Groucho K. Marx said...

YES- it WAS awesome T.O..

But- as much as I don't like Phelp's bunch- I like this stupid war in Afghanistan even less.

We've now been there as long as Russia was back in the 80's.

A TOTAL waste of money we ain't got and- MUCH more importantly- OUR YOUNG.

the observer said...


So agree--and have for a long time! I joke that I may have to turn in my "conservative" card because I have come to think that the way we are conducting war in Afghanistan is not a right or good thing. It scares me when I agree with the "Mo Rage" blogger! :)

Hope you and the Mrs. had a great Thanksgiving.

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

You're a "conservative" T.O.?

You appear to be a "pragmatic." ;)

I detest those kinds of labels- I can go from "lib" to "con" and any shade in between in less than 30-milliseconds.

And I'm STILL wondering where in Hades Osama Bin Laden is- nearly 10 years in and we STILL can't find him.

I hope your Thnxgiving was great too.

Ours was spent with Ms. Rittenhouse's kids- grandkids and GREAT grandkid- surrounded by delectable delights of aromatic dishes.

The food was good too... ;)

Thanx as always for your blessing-