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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If You Pay KC Mo Taxes You SHOULD Get KC MO Services

Not some suburban citys' services.

Within the past 10 minutes- Liberty Fire was sent to an address in the northeast Northland Kansas City MO on an emergency medical call.

All KC-MO Fire units in that area were in service and not on any calls.

Now while I'm sure the issues have been straightened out since- I recall not too many years ago when there was a problem with Liberty MO's EMS people and some of them were fired for some sort of malfeasance.

There has NEVER been ANY such issues regarding KC-MO's emergency services.

In addition- KC-MO residents paying extra taxes like that Earnings Tax SHOULD get the same KC-MO services everyone else gets.

In no way belittling the training of suburban fire departments- I STILL would want and demand THIS city's fire department AND EMS AND police to respond to my KC-MO address if the need arises and certainly when KC-MO resources are available and sitting in their stations.

Not Grandview- not Parkville- not Liberty.


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