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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Theft Charges Dropped in Versailles/Morgan County MO Against Innocent Glenn Stevens

Kansas City television station KCTV-5 reported Monday that theft charges have been dropped in Versailles/Morgan county MO that were pending against obviously innocent Raymore MO resident Glenn Stevens.

Note however that MegaConglomerate Walmart who initially fingered Mr. Stevens for the thefts has NOT intervened- but the evidence reviewed by a Versailles/Morgan county was revealed to be bogus.

CSW recommends that a boycott against Walmart and it's subsidiary companies be continued (we are sure as Hell not shopping there!) until which time Walmart COMPLETELY drops any and ALL charges against Glenn Stevens AND Mr. Stevens' family- and provides same with a public apology and compensation for the Stevens' family over this bogus matter.


the observer said...

So happy this happened!

Groucho K. Marx said...


Also according to The STAR- Allen county KS law dropped their charges against Mr. Stevens as well

But this ain't over yet- as far as the Stevens family and many of us supporting them are concerned.

Walmart owes this family for their false charges agains Glenn Stevens- and Walmart owes them BIG TIME.

The Stevens' lawyer(s) aren't just letting this sham drop- and neither are Ms. Rittenhouse- our friends and family and myself (you too T.O.?? :)) until Walmart makes this just a bit more than RIGHT with what seems like a great family.

Bless them and thanks-