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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Freezing Drizzle Creating Slick Roads

Freezing drizzle has began to fall over Metro Kansas City- mostly southern- western and northwestern areas.

Several vehicle crashes have been reported in Miami and Douglas counties KS- and other reports of crashes are coming in from Cass county and Platte county MO..

There has been a possible fatality crash near Garden City/Creighton in southeastern Cass county MO..

Precipitation has also begun over the southern half of Johnson county KS..

Temperatures area-wide are below freezing- and bridges and overpasses not treated by public works and DOT crews will be the first to become icy- along with lesser-travelled roadways.

Also- be careful on outdoor steps and sidewalks.

I'll provide updates as needed here at CSW....

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