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Monday, November 15, 2010

San Diego Resident Stands UP To Airport Security 'Gropings'

ohn Tyner is a San Diego-area resident who recently created a flap at Lindbergh Field when he refused both a TSA X-ray "full body-scanner" and a TSA groping- according to this Associated Press story via MyWay news.

Mr. Tyner sought a refund from the airline for the flight he didn't take after the incident.

John Tyner posted the story on his blog- and the videos shown here are those Mr. Tyner took during the Incident with TSA that day.

Here is a REAL American- not one of too-damn-many American 'sheeple' who do as their told when they're told by today's American 'gestapos.'

We all should aspire to protect whatever freedoms we have left like Mr. Tyner!!!

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