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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Central States News: Wichita-area Home Builder Clint Miller Accused of Substandard Building

t started with an elderly lady's home that had cracking foundations and floors- now it's spread to other people's homes.

In The WICHITA EAGLE story- one woman has had to literally walk-away from her crumbling home- and it forced her into a bankruptcy that has ruined her credit.

That woman- Diana Morton- had called and called Clint Miller to get him to AT LEAST come look at the problem- which he eventually did.

Incredibly- Miller's response to Morton's crumbling foundation?  "He (Miller) said, 'Other than the problems, what do you think of the floorplan?' " Morton recalled- said the EAGLE story.

Also of no help is the Wichita city government building inspectors and some builder's social club called "Wichita Area Builders Association."

 It's not that we need LESS government ... we need a less CORRUPT government not in pockets of the wealthy people.



the observer said...


Isn't it amazing that these silly McMansions are falling down, and my little starter house in South KC has stood for 50 years, along with the all the other little starter houses in my neighborhood?

If we can just get a handle on this freaking school thing...

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

Hiya TO-

Actually I'm not surprised at all that those McMansions are falling apart.

Ms. Rittenhouse and I have talked about if we EVER can AFFORD a house- it will be an older home- built prior to 1970.

She had an older home in old Northeast- but was forced by the changing demographic (crime) of the neighborhood to sell it.

Your house soulds as if it was built about the same time the one we're currently in- pretty damn solidly built it is.

If the "school thing" you refer to is re the KCSD- I had a good plan for that district:

Dissolve it and let the KCSD areas be absorbed by the bordering districts.

There is absolutely NO REASON for the less-economically-fortunate (poor)black and brown kids to not get a quality education!

This and other factors are leading to the Downfall of America and all Americans do are elect THE SAME two parties of do-nothings!


the observer said...


The schools in question would be those of Hickman Mills C-1.

The problem is that there is so much that goes into making an education for a kid. Not just the schools but the home, the parents, the kid.

For some groups in our communities education has lost its value, buried in a storm of entitlements. Value systems have been twisted, stability lost. Not only do we need to create schools that are not political pawns of any group, but we need to recover those values that make education the way out of poverty and mess that it can be. A very tall order.

Thanks for responding!


Groucho K. Marx said...

Ah T.O. gotcha...

All of the sibs in the family here graduated from the CSD No. 1.

It's sad how far the district has fallen too.

I talked briefly to John Baccala- the CSD-1 media guy- at the South Patrol new stations' groundbreaking and expressed my own dismay on the state-of-the-district.

Pollys and governments constantly wail "It's for the good of the children" when they do things- but the state of America's public schools just isn't being properly addressed and it shows in world rankings.

That issue too is another reason for America's downfall and I see no light in the tunnel we're in.

Hope your Thanksgiving is nice tho T.O.! :)