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Thursday, April 22, 2010

KC-MO Downtown Convention Hotel Follies - Part 3

trained city revenues- laid-off employees and curtailed or cut city services are no match for the intoxicating lure of a 1000-room downtown convention hotel as the process lurches on.

CSW has addressed this proposal on this blog several times- HERE- HERE and HERE for example.

According to today's KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL- the pollys and their wealthy friends have actually decided on a site now- and the site depiction is a gaudy insult to one of Kansas City's most beloved and iconic landmarks- the KCP&L building at the northwest corner of 14th Street and Baltimore.

Developer and potential taxpayer welfare recipient Ron Jury has proposed hoisting a high-rise monstrosity on one side of the classic building (see KCBJ image) and a low-rise on another side of the iconic 31-story KCP&L skyscraper.

Never mind that city revenues/the budget is of on-going concern- Jury wants the project rammed-through.

“If they get the financing figured out, we could start the project in 90 days-” Jury told the KCBJ.

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