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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Central States-MetroRegion Kansas City WEATHER: Watch Out Friday

s in "watch out for a possibly active severe weather day tomorrow (Friday)" over much of the Central States- including Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City.

There are increasing risks of severe thunderstorms- "INCLUDING THE THREAT FOR TORNADOES... ONE OR TWO OF WHICH COULD BE SIGNIFICANT" says the latest forecast from the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman OK.."

I've included both the map indicating areas covered by this threat- as well as a copy of the SPC convective forecast itself.

There is also a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms and their attendant severe weather types across the southern Kansas City MetroRegion today- across eastern and southeastern Kansas into extreme western and southwestern Missouri.

Current weather radar supports this- with a broad area of showers and thunderstorms west and southwest of Metro K.C.- moving toward our area.

At this time- none of the storms in the MetroRegion are severe.

However- I'm much more worried about Friday's scenario- I'll keep a close eye on weather trends and developments and let you know here at CSW....

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