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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CSW COMMENTARY: What Credibility Does Out-Of-Town TV News Reader Hires Bring to Kansas City?

esterday- some local media Web sites were making a big deal out of another "anchor" or "news-reader" change at one of Kansas City's TV stations.

My response was "So What???"

How does Metro K.C. benefit from having someone on our TV news who's not from here telling us what's going on here?

They have no sense of the Metro's history- other than that they've READ or SEEN about our area on their own medium.

The ONLY entertainment value a new "anchor" has is listening to them mis-pronounce area city and street names and seeing a new face that 1) we'll soon be bored with and/or 2) will probably leave the K.C. market in a few years for a larger market.

New faces on local newscasts don't do anything to improve a stations' continuity in a market and it SURE doesn't engender automatic trust of the viewer in the new news-reader.

That's one BIG reason why Channel 9 is overall Number 1 in the K.C. market in news viewership.

News-readers like Larry Moore have been on 9 for decades and people translate that into trust- figuring Larry's been here and he simply KNOWS what the Hell he's talking about when it comes to local matters.

It's the same thing with the reporters: I'm going to trust a seasoned reporter who has been here for MANY years over some newby.

It MAY be cheaper for the local TV news operations to hire out-of-towners in the short-run- but viewers want a FAMILIAR face to tell them what's up in their town- so cheaper may lose you viewers in the long run.

Oh- and letting go intimately-knowlegable LOCAL people who provide your RAW PRODUCT (news) is a not-so-smart idea either. 

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