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Sunday, August 28, 2016

BREAKING: Kansas City MO- Multiple Shooting Victims- Shots Fired at Police

This occurred at 12:25 am in the area of "72nd (Street) and Wabash" and an "assist-the-officer (ATO)" was sounded citywide to all police zones.

Numerous officers from all over the city responded.

A female officer that requested the ATO stated that an unknown shooter "was shooting at officers" there- thought to be coming from a block west at Olive.

A "large crowd" was also reported in this area.

No officers had been shot- according to reports as of 12:50 am..

A very short time after this- an officer at Research Medical Center stated "2" gunshot victims had arrived there by private vehicle- one "shot in the stomach-" the other "shot in the chest."

Their conditions are not known.

Fire/EMS sent several fire units and at least 3 ambulances to the ATO scene for at least "2 victims" there- "a male and a female."  

At 12:46 am- a critically-injured male victim from the ATO scene was being taken to a midtown medical trauma center by FD-EMS "Medic-37."

The reported female victim was apparently not transported.

Police have closed off Prospect from 75th St. north past Gregory Blvd.- and Gregory Blvd. west of U.S. 71/Bruce Watkins Expressway as this entire area has been cordoned-off and a police "command post" has been established in the area.

At 1:29 am per police reports- there was only one "walk-in" victim at Research/MC in addition to the other victim transported to another hospital by EMS.

Refresh this post for updates as received....

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