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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attention K.C. STAR and Christine Vendel: More Rapes Happen in K.C. Than Reported

he STAR posted the following story on their Website about this rape:

Reading this- you MIGHT get the impression rapes are a fairly-rare occurrance in Metro Kansas City.


Working the weekend overnights as I do- a couple of reported "sexual assaults" are NOT uncommon just in the two Kansas Citys.

I see the difference though- THIS rape The STAR reported on happened in a predominately WHITE part of the Northland.

The majority of rapes that I hear are in THE INNER CITY.

I guess THOSE rapes aren't newsworthy since they occur in that part of town- NOT Zona Rosa- The Plaza- Power & Light District- Johnson County KS- etc.- etc.- etc..

Racist news coverage? 

Could be- but be aware too- The STAR doesn't have ANYONE on overnights down there and apparently- the police don't mention them when the reporter calls in for the overnight activity report the next morning.

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