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Friday, November 12, 2010

K.C. STAR: KC-MO Cops Shot at "Backfiring Van" on Gregory Near I-435 Last Night

Hearing this story on the late TV news last night- you'd thought that the KC-MO Police were under siege.

Around 6 p.m.- it had been initially reported that someone fired upon two KC-MO cops on Gregory Boulevard near I-435.

The windshield of the police car had reportedly been shot-out by the unknown assailant.


According to a KANSAS CITY STAR story just published- the cops who thought someone was shooting at them was only a "backfiring van."

On top of that- it's reported that the 2 cops in their car shot-out THEIR OWN WINDSHIELD before they bailed out of their car.

More than 2 dozen cops responded to the now-apparently bogus call- and they had the freeway ramps and Gregory itself shut-down for more than 4 hours after the "backfire."

One question I have: Were BOTH of these cops ROOKIES????


the observer said...

Well, that makes two stories that were not what they seemed! (See the Overland Park "bank robbery" story!)

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

The bank robbery-thing was moronic behavior by some petty thugs that included the idiot bank teller.

No ones' life was in danger when that story came out.

But the KC-MO Police incident- to me- is cause for REAL concern.

The fellow's white van- said to be his work vehicle- no doubt broke a timing chain/belt- he's trying to restart it and the vehicle is backfiring.

It's happened to me before- but NOT like it happened to THAT poor guy.

Those 2 cops are DAMN lucky no civilian was hurt or killed by their erratic behavior.

It seems those 2 officers should be assigned to non-patrol duties- especially during times of year that loud noises are likely: July 4- New Years- - any day that vehicles could "backfire-" thunderstorms- etc..

Hope U have a nice weekend TO...


the observer said...


Oh, I agree this was serious. Remember the first reports--that a police car had taken fire--rather than the other way around.

I bet they were pretty sad when the real story came out.

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

(chuckling) Sad is one word...

I hope they publicize their names if the department puts those two back on the streets.

At the very least- don't put 3-year officers together in 'two-man' cars.

Oh- notice how The STAR disallowed comments on the story where they interviewing the van's owner?

Groucho K. Marx said...

InterVIWED rather...