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Friday, August 13, 2010

"K.C. Officials" File Lawsuit To Block Missouri Vote on Earnings Tax

he KANSAS CITY STAR is reporting that "Kansas City officials announced tonight that they filed a lawsuit in court today seeking to block an earnings tax issue from going on the statewide November ballot."

These "city officials" are going to the courts to stop the e-tax vote.

Those "city officials" do not trust the public's vote on the matter- even though there was the necessary number of citizen's petitioning for such an election.

Also- note how those "city officials" wait until Friday evening and the coming weekend when the spare news media staffs are even less to announce this underhanded move.

One has to wonder if Kansas City's City "Clowncil" is behind this one- after all- they DID throw out Kansas City voters' wishes for light rail public transportation.

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