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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Commentary: RECALL KC-MO "Officials" Who Want to Take Away YOUR American Freedoms

ansas City MO officials made a very- VERY grave error in trying to stop the statewide election of earnings taxes collected in KC and St. Louis.

Those officials- whether they KNOW what they're doing or not- are trying to take away basic American rights of petitioning it's government for changes and voting for those said changes.

And that move has angered many local citizens who tended to SUPPORT continuation of the earnings tax- including ME.

The election was brought about fair and square- citizens signed petitions and the State of Missouri checked those signatures- found the number of signers valid- and allowed the election to take place.

In one of the most incredibly BRAZEN political moves I've seen in my nearly 58 years as an American citizen- KC-MO city officials on Friday filed a lawsuit in an eastern Missouri court to STOP-THE-ELECTION!!!

Are YOU angry yet?

I'm going to find out which "city officials" approved of this move to take away 2 of our most basic American rights- and make those names a permanent fixture on this blog in a Hall of SHAME.

Then- pending the judges' decision whether to let the citizens exercise their BASIC rights or not- I'm going to push for an immediate removal and/or recall of those city officials who would ATTEMPT to remove those rights from us.

And should the judge do what is right and throw the lawsuit out and allowing the election- my vote to keep the earnings tax will change to REPEAL THE EARNINGS TAX- as well as voting against each and every "official" who approved taking away our American rights.


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