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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Topeka's Gasoline Prices Cheaper Than Kansas City (Quik Trip?)

A longtime friend of mine moves cars around the MetroRegion for a national car rental chain- and reported to me last night that Topeka's gas prices were $3.25 per gallon- 15 to 25 cents CHEAPER than any in Metro Kansas City!

You can see by yourself by a screen-cap of the 'Gas Buddy' map found down the right column of this blog.

The friend named Quik Trip's many K.C. area stores as the culprit in "price fixing-" though I'm not so certain.

At any rate- considering Kansas' higher fuel taxes- there is SOMETHING going on causing the price-gouge for Metro Kansas City motorists.... 


Anonymous said...

Although the cost of crude oil has come down over the last week, the cost of refined, gasoline jumped 10 to 15 cents over the last 36 hours. QuikTrip is not price fixing. Due to the 70+ stores in the KC area, they can raise the retail price and normally all other retailers will follow. They are just trying to stay ahead of the cost. In Missouri it is illegal for a gasoline retailer to sell gasoline below cost. This could account for the retail cost of fuel to be higher in Missouri, although this is not normally the case.

Superdave said...

Heck Platte City is always cheaper than anyone else around here so figure that one out as well.