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Thursday, August 11, 2011

America's Politicians: READ THIS POLL!

When it comes to polling people- you can probably manipulate the questions to fit the responses you want.

However in these days of wonky debt deals and uncertain economic times- few Americans can be so manipulated in their true feelings of how our so-called 'elected' officials have acted and responded to Americans' concerns.

From city council chambers to the Congress and the White House the message is clear:

Americans are tired of the political bullcrap.

In one recent poll's results published by The ASSOCIATED PRESS- the following IS established and the nation's pollys had better take heed:

  • By 69-28 (percent), voters support raising taxes on people with annual incomes of more than $250,000.


  • By 62-32 they support eliminating subsidies to oil and gas companies.


  • By 84-14 they oppose cuts in Medicare or Social Security.


  • By 50-46, they support cutting defense spending.


  • By 73-23 they oppose cutting Medicaid and entitlements.


It's time for ALL the 'Mickey Mouse' politicians in America to turn their ears on- or be thrown out of office by same.

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