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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

England Rioting Spreads- Could America Be Next?

This story seems to be greatly downplayed in the American news media (surprise- surprise) regarding continued rioting in England's major cities.

A 3rd night of riots are reported in Metropolitan London- and the chaos has spread to at least 2 other of the Isle's major cities- Birmingham and Manchester- according to London's DAILY MAIL Online.

The initial London rioting began last Saturday night after police shot and killed a youth who was a suspected drug dealer.

The young man reportedly had pointed a firearm at police before he was shot.

A peaceful protest at the local police station quickly turned violent and spread throughout an impoverished area of North London.

Emotions are high in England- where unemployment is even worse than it is here in America.

In addition- the British government has slashed budgets for police and other social services- yet the country can afford to host next year's Olympics.

It's only a matter of time this sort of thing happens in America- where governments are increasing costs and taxes on middle and lower-income people and short-sighted politicians decrease dollars for social services.

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