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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kansas City Radio: Rock- Both Secular and Christian- Among Most Listened To Stations

The latest ratings (July 2011) for Metro Kansas City radio stations covering listeners of all ages are out- and leading the way is classic rocker KCFX-101.1 FM known as "101 The Fox."

The top (roughly) 25 radio stations are listed on the graphic shown here (always click on images shown on CSW for full size rendering).

Interestingly- all but one of the remaining Top 10 stations in the Number 32-size Kansas City market (DMA) play rock and other secular music.

That exception is "K-Love" KLRX-97.3 FM which features Christian contemporary music who came out No. 8.

Their listener-share increased 0.5 from the June rating period.

Two other local stations playing basically a like Christian-based format made the Top 25 listened-to radio stations- Liberty MO's KWJC 91.9 "Air1" and far south Kansas City Calvary College's KLJC-88.5 FM.

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