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Sunday, August 07, 2011

CSW WEATHER: High Winds Bring Trees- Power Lines Down in KC-MO Metro

What a way to wake up...

A large severe thunderstorm is sliding east-southeast after striking generally the areas north of the Kansas and Missouri rivers- and is currently over the northeastern and eastern parts of the Metro.

Another severe storm is entering Johnson county KS..

There are numerous reports of trees- tree limbs and power lines down from northern KC-KS- the KC-MO Northland- into Independence.

M-9 highway is reported to be "completely blocked" by a downed tree in Parkville- and the KC-MO Fire department reports an apparent "micro-burst" has struck a Northland KC-MO neighborhood.

A house fire in Independence in the 1900 block of Claremont is said to be related to storm damage.

Another house fire was reported in Buckner just moments ago in the 300 block of North Hudson- also storm related.

Estimates are that 25000 to 50000 Metro residents are without electricity at this time.

A severe thunderstorm watch had been issued shortly after 2 p.m. for Metro Kansas City and the storm struck shortly thereafter.

Platte and Clay counties was just removed from the watch by NWS in Pleasant Hill.

Severe thunderstorm warnings continue mainly east of Metro KC-MO.


Superdave said...

A little wind and a little rain is all here no real thunder of any kind.

I went in to work for a while this morning very early and was watching the storms that was up towards St Joe all the way in. Had lot of lightning in it and talked to friend up there and he said yes was very heavy at times. Said he had fell asleep watching War of the Worlds and storm woke him and he thought we was under attack from Mars.

Groucho K. Marx said...

LMAO on the 'Mars Attacks' ref...

Believe this or don't- we didn't get ONE DROP of rain from those storms- but did mamage a whole quarter-inch in today's stuff.

I'm still amazed at the one-area coverage that most of the TV news operations provided after the storms.

Of course covering the damaged areaS (Leavenworth to Blue Springs) properly would have required more than the one or two videographers most stations staff on weekends....