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Thursday, August 11, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storms Possible For Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City Friday

I think I can speak for 99.9% of us that it's a GOOD thing the recent spell of intensley hot and humid weather has been broken.

Except for the severe storms last Sunday afternoon- we have also been spared in that regard- but we still could use some beneficial rainfall.

Both are possible Friday- according to our friends at the NWS' Storm Predication Center (SPC) in Norman Oklahoma.

All of Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- as well as a large part of our Central States are outlooked for possible severe thunderstorms (tstms) Friday in the period from 7 am CDT until 7 am CDT Saturday.

The primary severe threat is forecast to be strong to severe straight-line winds on leading edges of any tstm lines that may develop.

There is also the outside chance of some tornadoes developing in the bows of any severe tstsm lines- as the highest chance of severe tstms are forecast to exist across eastern Kansas into western Missouri- including Metro K.C..

Today's severe risk area according to the SPC is in the extreme west and northwestern MetroRegion- and that could include areas in and around Emporia and Topeka KS into the extreme northwestern tip of MO..

Please stay alert to these possible developments tomorrow (Friday)....

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