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Saturday, August 13, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Three Injured in KC-MO Plaza Shooting

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday night- KC-MO Police on-patrol in the Country Club Plaza area reported "shots fired in the area of 47th" Street "and Wyandotte."

Police- fire department and EMS units pour into the area over the next 20 minutes as three injured victims are located around the intersections of 47th Street- Wyandotte to Central.

The first victim- a teenage male- is located "in front of the Cheesecake Factory-" reportedly "shot in the leg."

A 2nd victim is located minutes later "about 100 feet east" of the first victim- this person- a "16-year-old female- grazed" by a bullet.

The 3rd victim- a 13-year-old male "shot in an ankle-" is located nearby at 11:18 p.m..

KC-MO Mayor Sylvester James was near where the shots were fired- and he was reportedly pushed to the ground by his bodyguard.

Community activist and former police officer/councilman and mayorial candidate Alvin Brooks was also in the mayor's entourage- and Mr. Brooks also hit the ground when the shots were fired.

Neither Mayor James or Mr. Brooks were injured.

Preliminary suspect information was "3 black males" with no vehicle information.

It wasn't clear if there are any further victims who may have left the scene.


Anonymous said...

We were present on the plaza. Heard 4 shots, then screaming and people running in all directions. Have not gone to the plaza on the weekend in awhile. Noticed that there were quite a few, NO, tons of teens. Hardly any adults. They need a curfew. Anyone under 18 should not be allowed after 9pm unless with a parent present. It was nothing but a whole lot of inner city hoodlums. This is what ruins what is good about our city. These damn kids need redirection, adult attention, and some good old fashioned manners. I won't be taking my family to the plaza any time soon, at least not after dark.

Anonymous said...

No the kids need parents who will do a job called being parents.

And all you so called do gooders are the reason behind most of these issues.

Welp maybe thses kids will grow up on their own right and start acting right. Mom and dads sure not been any help.

Put spanking back in the home and the schools and take the time out crap and put it into time out it don't work. And spanking isn't child abuse. I admit to having a few myself and it has not made me a worse person from it It made me a better person because I know what respect and following the rules is all about.

By the way my parents went there seperate ways when I was 2 and I had a very crazy childhood but I didn't grow up to be a hood or thug I had adults who made sure I followed the line or I knew what I was subject to.