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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Police Chases With One Serious Crash

At least 3 police pursuits have occurred early Sunday morning- one in southeastern Douglas county KS resulted in a crash with serious injuries to the driver who was being chased- but no reported injuries to other drivers.

The Douglas county crash was monitored here at CSW- but according to the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD- this was the end result of an apparently police chase from Franklin county KS..

The crash occurred around 1:36 a.m.- according to the dispatch (hard to hear because of a barely-audible Douglas County dispatcher) "on 2300 Road- north of U.S. 56" highway.

According to medical reports to K.U. Med Center where the driver was taken by helicopter- "a 24-year-old male was going 100 m.p.h. on a country road" when he lost control- "rolled the vehicle" and the driver "was ejected into a muddy farm field about 30 feet away" from his crashed vehicle.

The male didn't have any "obvious" injuries- appeared to be "intoxicated" and was in serious condition during his flight to K.U. Med Center.

No reasons were given why Franklin county was chasing the man.

Raytown police chased a "1999 Chrysler 300" on "traffic charges" at least 4 miles from their city south along Blue Ridge into Grandview MO around 1:40 a.m..

One Raytown PD car hit road spikes that had been set out for the Chrysler near U.S. 71 and struck a curb.

The officers in the car weren't hurt- but the Chrysler got away to be located later by Grandview police "at Blue Ridge where the vehicle was parked and the driver found walking.

The last heard pursuit was a little more than an hour later- around 2:45 a.m. in south KC-MO.

A South Patrol officer spotted "a highly-intoxicated" driver of a vehicle on the west outer road of U.S. 71 near Red Bridge- "striking curbs and signs" as they drove south.

That chase went south to Blue Ridge where the suspect driver turned north- then into a parking lot in the 11800 block of Blue Ridge- where the driver was stopped and arrested.

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