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Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Metro K.C. Weather And Road Conditions Deteoriating Fast

Vehicle crashes have been increasing exponentially in the past 30 mintues...

Crashes have been reported on I-70- from western KC-KS into Bonner Springs and southern Leavenworth county.

Crashes reported in the KC-MO Northland- on northbound U.S. 169 near N.W. 68th street- and I-435 near N.E. 108th Street..

A crash was reported on U.S. 69 in Miami county KS- about 1 mile north of 327th Street- and southbound U.S. 69 near 215th Street in JoCo KS..

A series of crashes are reported along U.S. 50 in Johnson county MO near M-131 and in the Northland on M-33 highway north of Liberty.

Sleet with large snowflakes are falling right now here in south KC-MO in the old Bannister Mall area- and the temperature has fallen about 1-1/2-degrees in the past 30 minutes- 34 here now.

Conditions Metro-wide will continue to go downhill over the next several hours.....


Anonymous said...

Spring Hill area in Southern Johnson County we have wind and mixed rain/freezing rain showing a temp of 33 but cars and windshields are icing some.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Hard to believe "Meteorological Spring" begins next Tuesday!

Thanx for the report SuperD...


the observer said...

First look outside mid morning revealed back yard covered in sleet. It's been cold rain and sleet since. I think nothing is falling now, but I haven't been out for a little while.

Dark and gloomy out there that's for sure.

the Observer