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Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Fatality 2-Vehicle Crash With Multiple Serious Injuries in Extreme S.W. Miami County

A head-on crash involving at least 2 vehicles- including one that plunged into a lake- is reported on U.S. 169 just south of Stanton Road near the Anderson county line.

So far have been a total of 5 people injured: 3 adults- 2 serious and 1 critical- and 2 children- 1 serious and 1 critical.

The was also the report of "un unresponsive infant in a car seat" of the vehicle that went into a lake on the east side of U.S. 169.

It is also reported that "one person is unaccounted for" at that crash scene- unknown if that is the infant described above- but a fatality was reported at the crash scene.

Divers- EMS crews and law enforcement agencies throughout Miami as well as Anderson county are either on scene or enroute to this scene.

Apparently a passerby who reported the crash pulled a woman from the vehicle that went into the lake and took them to their residence in the 39800 block of U.S. 169.

That woman's condition has not been stated- but it's believed her condition is non life-threatening.

All patients were being transported to Metro Kansas City hospitals- the children to Children's Mercy.

More as received....


Anonymous said...

I think that is the old rock quarry and is deep over by the highway. Do some more checking here

Anonymous said...

Yes that has to be it am looking at it now on google maps street view.